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I think this remarkable woman nails pretty much everything I have to say about the riots in London. (Click on the link for the video LJ doesn't want to embed it I'm afraid).

The Met Police and the IPCC clearly could have handled relations with the family of Mark Duggan much better. They have every right to feel upset, angry, and to demand answers. You'd have thought that the Met should have learnt that lesson after the Jean Charles De Menezes clusterfuck. Burning down your neighbour's livelihood and home and looting a friend's workplace doesn't solve anything. It only makes things worse.

Equally however I want to understand why all these people are rioting and looting. And I think Hannah Nicklin pretty much nails it in this post.

People will get hurt. Houses and goods and livelihoods will be broken. People will be jailed, mothers will lose their sons and police officers’ families won’t sleep, wondering if they’ll take another brick or bottle to the face.

And a thousand more things I couldn’t possibly really understand.

But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try.

A broken society is built on the failure of imagination of both government and people.

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