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Finally made it, after repeatedly kicking myself for missing it year after year, missing bands I still want to see, like Sonata Arctica, Children of Bodom, Korpiklaani, Carcass, Moonspell, Turisas, Iced Earth, Alestorm, and so on...

And it was worth it.

Wolves, Poisonblack, some Canadian chappie, a Furious Horde, and a Wild Child

Wolf are an awful lot of fun. German Heavy Metal doing exactly what it says on the tin.

Poison Black are one of those bands I've wanted to see for a while, after the break-up of Sentenced, and the death of the guitarist preventing any possibility of a reunion, its the only chance I'll get to see something approaching them live. And they were definitely worth waiting for, even if the lead singer was recovering from a knee op and had to sit down for the entire gig. Nevermind. Apparently they'll be on tour sometime soon, as they have a new album to plug. Also they brought pretty much the only rain that day. Which seemed appropriate.

The Furious Horde appeared on the New Blood Stage, and are very, very, very good. I'll definitely have to get to one of their shows sometime soon.

Devin Townsend is by turns deeply silly ("Ziltoid"), ludicrously prolific (he's just released four new albums under the "Devin Townsend Project"), lots of fun on stage, and writes brilliant songs.

I don't think I need to say anything about Wasp other than they're fucking Wasp!!!

Trolls, corpsepaint, Christopher Lee, and a band with more singers than instruments

Finntroll win the prize for most entertaining band of the festival, hands down. Purely because of the audience. Silly dancing, conga lines, horns, large men in tiny little posing pouches. Next time they play I'll be down there.

Ihsahn I really liked. I've never been a huge black metal fan, but I have liked Emperor, and the more noodly gaze-at-your-shoes stuff that some bands have got in there. Not convinced it worked so well on a sunny afternoon in August, but you just know that if My Dying Bride played again they'd have exactly the same problem too.

Wintersun have been mocked somewhat because they still haven't finished the new album. They pulled out of last year's Bloodstock to finish work on it, and still haven't. Still the new track they played was great, so maybe it'll be finished next year.

Therion win the prize for "most people on stage at one time" because they have four singers. They'd have had more if they could bring the choir along.

Rhapsody of Fire haven't played the UK before. And I hadn't heard anything they'd done before either. They are however purveyors of the finest cheese. They came on to Christopher Lee, sing songs about swords and dragons. What's not to like?

I legged it out of Rhapsody in time to see the last few songs from AngelWitch's NWOBM based goodness. I'm pretty sure I was born 15 years too late.

Immortal, whilst being very good, do seem to recognise that despite being a genre-defining band they should clearly have fun on stage, Abbath bouncing up and down on the monitor getting the crowd to make "woah" noises of varying pitch depending on how high he stood up and waved his arms is an image that will stay with me a long time.

Hammers, Hell, punks and all the aces.

Hell have finally got their first album out, despite being around for donkey's years, disappearing off the face of the planet and reforming. They sound a lot like Mercyful Fate fronted by Arthur Brown. Which is a very good thing if you ask me.

Primordial should get the prize of heroes of the festival were it not for the fact that the aforementioned Furious Horde, and Josiah's partner Jane lived up to their name during the night and nabbed some grotty little herbert who'd jumped over the fence to nick stuff during the night. Apparently he'd been been in on the first night too. Its a perennial problem that Bloodstock (and probably most other festivals too) has. It does rather change one's mind about the replica Berlin Wall that Michael Eavis puts up each year for Glastonbury.

But anyway Primordial started brilliantly, and then the lead singer's voice went completely. But they kept going, and definitely won the audience over. They reminded me a lot of Geasa, although they've been around much longer, but I'm a big fan of their Celtic death metal sound.

Nemhain filled my need for punk. And also confirmed (if it were necessary) that the most attractive women in the world all play bass. (Yes, I am that shallow). Covers of The Gits "Second Skin", and the Misfits "Die Die My Darling". They've also got a bloody good drummer in Adrian Erlandsson, who gets to play twice as he's in At The Gates too.

Hammerfall are one of those bands that you think are either very silly, amazing, or both at the same time. As with Rhapsody and Therion I can't help but grin like an idiot when they're on stage. Its just too much fun. I mean they made a video with the Swedish Women's Curling Team. How much more metal can you get?

I sat on the grass for At The Gates (as I did for Kreator and Exodus), I'm clearly getting too old for this 3 day festival thing, as I needed a kip during Morbid Angel (who, from listening in the tent appear to use lots of tram bell.

And that just leaves Motorhead. Who were, well, Motorhead. I haven't heard much that they've done since about 1987, but they played lots of their more rock'n'roll tracks, and then stopped with Ace of Spades, and no encore as they may have had some "technical difficulties". (AKA Lemmy was really drunk).

Going again? Oh hells yes.
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