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So. Star Trek Into Darkness. Was a film. In which things happened.

And I really can't say much more about what happened in it and my reaction to it without spoilers. Although I'll note that it has exactly the same problem as the last Trek film had- it really doesn't spend enough time establishing the character of the villain. He's there as an anatagonist, but you never really get to know his motivations, which is a real shame, because Cumberbatch is a great actor, and is clearly having a great time running, jumping, and shooting guns.

So don't click on the cut unless you've seen it, Or Iron Man 3. Because I'll be spoiling that too.

You clicked didn't you?

Well, on your own head be it.

I've already had what I'm sure is supposed to be the "holy crap" moment in Iron Man 3."spoiled" for me, but I really don't mind since I'm not that invested in the characters, and, frankly I really don't quite know how they could have made it work, especially given the somewhat more realistic Marvel Movieverse- the "anything goes from now on" events in Avengers notwithstanding. I'm pretty impressed they kept that quiet too. Into Darkness hasn't been quite so successful, but I hadn't heard anything that prepared me for this either..

But this is, I think, a little different. Because as soon as we get the "holy crap" moment you're immediately comparing Into Darkness to what has come before. Especially when it repeats some of the same things we've seen done better before. If anything I actually felt cheated. So yes. If you ignored my warning and read this before you saw the film, then go see it. Make up your own mind. And tell me what you thought..


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