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1. I am allergic to penicillin. Wonder drug of the 20th Century, and I broke out in a rash at age 5, and haven't been given it since just in case. Which is a shame, as the banananana medicine I got given when I was a kid for persistent ear infections was really nice, but the version that didn't have penicillin in it was worse than calpol.

2. I have terrible vertigo. I can get all dizzy standing on the ground at the bottom of a staircase. I don't like footbridges much either. And yet I can go up the CN Tower in Toronto and stand on their glass floor quite happily. Its a stability thing I think. At no point did I feel I could topple over the edge to my certain death, but if all I've got is a railing and an edge? No thanks.

3. My favourite film of all time is 2001. I first saw it when I was about 6 and fell in love with it.

4. When I was a teenager I was prescribed Human Growth Hormone. I'm over 5', so it seems to have worked. I did suggest that I should be banned from participating in Standards Day (sports day that everyone had to attend), but this wasn't approved.

5. I paint my toenails. Yeah. I'm something of a goth, so this isn't unexpected I know. Unfortunately I work in a visitor facing role so I can't paint my fingernails. So I wear nailpolish on my toes. Even though I live in DMs (and thick socks at this time of year), so no-one will know.

But I will. Which is, I think, the point.
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