Apr. 23rd, 2010

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  • 21:48 "Under this Labour government we have seen a massive increase in... STDs." Voting Tory stops Chlamidya tinyurl.com/25mksg3 #toryfail #

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I am registered to vote in Dartford. There are seven candidates. Now there's no way I'd vote for the Tories, or UKIP. (I'm generally pro-Europe, and I certainly think its much better to be inside the tent. If we don't like it we can work to change things. You can't do that if you go off in a huff like UKIP want us to.)

Stephane Tindame seems a nice enough chap, lots of stuff about doing things for the community. His policy on immigration sounds a little simplistic-

"My national policy on integration is simple we must make sure that those who come here to stay are valuable members of the community and not benefit lovers. We must screen and treat our migrants fairly but at the same time demand a net contribution to the country they live in... Under my proposals all immigration application would be processed in six months sharp and a decision reached within this time whether to remove or allow the applicant to stay."
Still it doesn't seem entirely unreasonable, at least when compared to some people.  However he talks about the UK as a "faith country", but doesn't say what his brand of faith is, nor where he stands on stem-cell research and abortion. His manifesto states that he is against "Euthanasia, assisted suicide and messy killing [sic]". Pity. I'm absolutely in favour of assisted suicide. But as he's standing as an independent he's no chance whatsoever of getting in. Nor am I going to vote for him.

I can't find anything about the policies of The Fancy Dress Party. Sorry guys. If I can't read the manifesto of a party I don't know anything about, then I'm not going to vote for you.

English Democrats. Ewww. Really. Their candidate sent me a letter in with the confirmation of my postal vote-

"I take the view that this country is first and foremost a Christian Country and this should be our priority".

I'm not a Christian. So that'll lose you my vote. The manifesto has all sorts of nice platitudes about "polluter pays", and unlike UKIP they recognise that anthropogenic climate change is a real problem. They also want to sanction animal experimentation only in connection with human health, and where no practicable alternative exists. Do they know fruit-flies are animals? Do they know why people do all sorts of weird things to HOX genes. I doubt it. Their stance on same-sex couples and "political correctness" is also unacceptable to me. There's no party line on assisted suicide or abortion. Oh yes, and they want to reclaim Monmouthshire. Why I have no idea...
Labour, frankly haven't done enough to justify me voting for them. OK so they dumped Clause 4 to woo people to the right of me, and when they came in it all seemed so much better than it had been under the Tories. But then they introduced tuition fees for universities, but I figured that maybe they'd get around to doing a few other things. I had patience. So I gave them another chance. And then they invaded Iraq and Afghanistan because Bush told them too. And that hurt. But the choice was them or the Tories. And even though they'd hurt me I knew things would be just as bad with the other guys. So I voted again. But this time. This time I've had enough. I don't care if the new MP's a Conservative. It doesn't matter where I live, its a two horse race, and with a majority of 700 Labour won't keep this seat anyway. Sorry Labour You're just not left-wing enough for me any more.

Which leaves the Lib Dems. As they've got Evan Harris as their science bod, a man who's views on abortion, assisted dying and several other areas of science match mine it looks like they're the only people I've got left on my ballot paper to point my vote at...

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Right, now I'm going to get dressed and see if I can't find a scorpion. (A mate was given one as a leaving present. And she's beautiful.)
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