Mar. 7th, 2012

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Via the F-word, and [personal profile] miss_s_b I bring you the important things that the Daily Fail thinks are important. And perhaps. in the context of a wider discussion about bodily autonomy, freedom of choice, the way people use language, and suchlike they are. However I don't think the Mail will be much interested in this wider discussion.

Can you vajazzle and be a feminist?

Well I can't, what with not having a va to jazzle. Isn't one of the things about feminism the fact that its your body so you get to decide what happens to it?

Is it sexist to call a woman "love" or "dear"?

In certain parts of the UK, and for a certain generation its the norm. Of course it depends on how you say it. A cheery "what can I get you love"? Is not sexist, is not being said in a derogatory manner, and nor is it intended to be anything than a cheery greeting. An annoyed "I don't care, love, you ain't coming in" probably is being said in a manner to belittle the woman its being said to.

Does Katie Price let women down?

All the fucking time. You phone her up because your car's broken down, and if you've got testicles she's over in a shot. If you haven't she takes ages, never brings the right tools, and complains her sat-nav was playing up. (Look its the best I could come up with. Jennie's already used the valve joke).

Should women take their husband's name when they get married?

Only if its awesome.

Is Rihanna a feminist icon?

I suppose so. Is it feminist to forgive, and remain friends with someone who physically abused you? I have no idea. But its certainly human.

Who should pay the bill on a date?

Whoever can afford to. Splitting the bill equally for the first couple of dates, or taking it in turns might not be a bad idea. If you're arguing about the bill on the first date the chances of their being a second don't sound too likely.

Is stripping an acceptable career choice?

Don't see why not. I won't be going to the show, but if you enjoy it, its not my place to stop you.

What feminist issues do you think are more important than any of the ones asked about above?

All of them?


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