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So I wrote to my MP. And my MP wrote back, saying that he'd signed the early day motion expressing concern about creationists attempting to infiltrate education, and thanking me for bringing this matter to his attention.

I know early-day motions don't really achieve much, but there's not much I can do about the creationists in the UK other than this.
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So I found out about Early Day Motion 2708- opposing the creationist group "Truth in Science" (an oxymoron if ever there was one) who have sent a literature pack to every school in the UK pointing out the alleged problems with evolution, and encouraging techers to "teach the controversy".

I hope he replies positively.
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Via Pharyngula

The trouble with biology? Too many women. At least according to Ann Coulter, a right-wing republican nutjob who's latest book suggest that teh trouble with America is all those liberal atheists. The rest of the world seems to think the trouble with America is Ann Coulter and her ilk.

According to Ms Coulter  "Their grandiose self-conceptions to the contrary, the cult [the "evolution cult"] members are rarely scientists at all."

"They're almost always biologists—the "science" with the greatest preponderance of women. The distaff MIT "scientist" who fled the room in response to Larry Summers's remarks was, of course, a biologist. While I'm sure there have been groundbreaking discoveries about the internal digestive system of the earthworm, biologists are barely even scientists anymore. They're classifiers, list-makers, like librarians with their Dewey decimal system. Except librarians don't claim the Dewey decimal system holds the Rosetta Stone to the universe. There were once great biologists, but the morally vacuous ones began to promote their own at the universities. It was sort of intelligently designed devolution. Like Marxists gradually dominating the comp lit department, biologists will only be given tenure today if they foreswear any doubts about the evolution pseudoscience. Consequently, "biologist" almost always means "evolutionary biologist," which is something like an "ESP biologist.""

I'm not quite sure where to begin with this arrant nonsense. Shall we start at the end?

Nothing in biology make sense except in the light of evolution. Evolution pervades every aspect of biology because of this.
By definition anyone studying life is a biologist. its what the word means!

I'm not sure how to describe the people studying genetics, evo-devo, physiology, other than biologists. And there isn't much list-making or stamp-collecting going on. Maybe thats why the republicans don't like stem-cell research. Biologists aren't stamp collecting. Quick stop them!.

Modern taxonomy is rather complicated. ask anyone who has taken cladistics lectures. It ain't just lists and stamp collecting. 

I'm not entirely surprised Coulter has a 19th century outlook on biology, she seems to have a 19th century outlook on pretty much everything.

It doesn't look like she likes librarians either. Or women. Perhaps her worst nighmare would be a female librarian working in a biological sciences library?

I liked the comments that suggested beating Coulter to death with a portrait of Mary Anning, and wondering if she'd ever heard of Barbara McLintock. And that women are so bad at science that when too many join a subject it stops being science...

Oh Bugger

Jan. 24th, 2006 12:50 pm
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Canada falls to Conservatives Gay marriage laws at risk. "Time for a change, any change". Corruption was the main reason why the Liberals lost. However the results indicate that the fears of gay activists that gay marriage laws could be repealed are unlikely to be fulfilled. Results are as follows:

Liberals: 103

Conservative: 124

New Democrativ Party: 29

Bloc Quebecois: 51

Independants: 1

They'll need to form a coalition to have a government, and as the NDP, Liberals and the Bloc all supported gay marriage then the issue probably won't arise. It probably more concerning about the extent of lobbying from the American right wing nutjobs thta went on. However next time round it could be a problem if they extend their majority.

I'm more worried about the pledge for "closer ties with Washington".

Mind you its a fairly impressive return to form- in 1993 they went from 169 MPs to 2!


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