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An Art Piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)

The Group of Seven was a group of artists who painted scenes of the Canadian landscape around Lake Superior, and Algonquin Park in the 1920s. They were very much influenced by the impressionists, and probably my favourite painting is Pic Island by Lawren Harris.
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You can see the original at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.Its about five feet across, and suitably impressive in the flesh.
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A Non-Fictional Book

Just the one? But there are so many more books that are real than ones that aren't. Um. I'm going to take this to mean "Non-Fiction book", I'm going to recommend Mike Everhart's Oceans of Kansas, a book that owes much to his website of the same name. There are lots of lovely photos of specimens, the spectacularly weird pterosaur Nyctosaurus, which has no fingers- and just look at that crest, mosasaurs that were clearly eaten by sharks, Sabre toothed "herring",
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"birds with teeth", and one of the largest turtles ever.

Each chapter begins with a little fictional vignette of life in the Kansas Seaway, describing moments in the life (and death) of its inhabitants, and several are backed up with fossil evidence (the famous fish-within-a-fish fossil for instance) Its wonderfully illustrated by Dan Varner, and I recommend it to everyone with an interest in fossils. More importantly its not a technical book, so everyone can enjoy it.
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Two more cuffs. This time there's very little leatherette, but much more velvet. More Victorian sweatband than fetishwear.
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I think I'll probably add some buttons to the one with the leather on it, it looks a little plain. I'll leave the other on as is though. When I get some more press studs and lace I'm very tempted to make matching ones for the other hand.
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1. [livejournal.com profile] innerbrat is awesome. Now those of you who are on her flist as well know this. But she's finished knitting me what is probably the best scarf in the universe. Its nearly 10 feet long. And show how the continents moved about over the past 500 million years. You couldn't have a more awesome scarf if you tried.

2. I am going to hell. Today I passed a church with the sign "Jesus loves you passionately. He died for you". The first thing I thought of? "Well he came back, so it can only have been un petit mort".
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So you've got a steampunk computer, and decor, but the mouse doesn't run very well on your antique desk, and you don't want to scratch it.

The Mouse Rug looks like an ideal replacement for the nasty foam ones most people normally use.

They come in a wide variety of patterns- I particularly like this Persian design from a rug in the National Museum of Art in Washington.

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A rather unattractive grey XD/SmartMedia card reader is converted into something rather more fitting for the steampunk office. This is my first attempt at this sort of modding, so I went for something simple and not too ambitious. (Next time I'll have a go at a graphics tablet.)

For a first attempt that took under 2 hours, including drying, I don't think its too shabby though. Maybe next time I'll dismantle one and rebuild it out of real wood and brass


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