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Heartily sick of that sidebar with all those sponsored ads that even AdBlock won't get rid of? I think I've found a solution.

A Greasemonkey script called "Remove Facebook Right Column". Which does exactly what it says on the tin. Gets rid of the "people you might know" section, which, frankly I never used as it cluttered up the screen with people I didn't actually know at all.

And at the same time I found "Facebook Fixed Header" and "Older posts bar always on bottom" which together do something you'd have though FB would have put in from the start wouldn't you? After all if you're at the bottom of the timeline chances are you might want to extend it, rather than hovering about trying to get the thing to pop up. And why have a header with a search bar, and all the other tools disappear off the top that can be so far up?

LJ does this too. Why? Surely we've moved past the days when frames in websites were loathed so universally?
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Is it me or are banks crap?

I mean really, really crap. And incompetent. Really incompetent. And somehow at the root of it, it all becomes your fault. This week my banking has turned into a complete farce. Sometime in November I registered for online banking, but as is the way with these things I never actually used it since then. I don't think I can even recall the passwords. (This is a long running problem I have with almost all computers). But anyhow, around this time I stopped receiving bank statements for this account.

Last week my card expired. I have not been sent a new one. I pop into Branch A, which is convenient for work. Money is withdrawn and they have a look at my account. There's some kind of block placed on the account, so that they won't send any post to the address I've given. They can't get anything sent to them (which would be convenient), but they can get the new card sent to Branch B, where my account is actually located, and I can pick it up "in two to five days".

Monday rolls around - four working days later - and off I go to visit Branch B (taking time out of work to do so I might add). The card is not there, and "it takes five to seven days to arrive". Fair enough, I think, so I leave my number so they can call me when it arrives.

Friday now, and still no card. So I phone the bank. Only I don't. I actually phone the support centre because I dial the wrong number, but they say they'll call the bank and pass on my message. I decide to try a different number, get the same people, and leave no message. Several hours later I've heard nothing, and as I'm going to need some cash for the weekend, and beyond try the branch number again- if they've got the card I'll get it. If not I'll go to the cashier up the road.

Its not the branch, its the call centre people. And I can't speak to the branch. However they give me the very useful information that "We don't send cards to branches for security reasons". Oh, because Branch A said they could only send it to Branch B? What's happened? It turns out that Branch B did indeed receive my card. But destroyed it because they don't send cards to branches for security reasons. So why did Branch A do this? "I don't know, which branch was this? We'll send them a note..."

The upshot of this is that I send them a letter confirming that I live in place X, and I'll get my card. In the post. To address X.

Revenge is a dish best served in letters from someone's boss.

I'll let you know how things go with the screws, but I think someone's pissed off with being ignored by their supplier....
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You probably all know that Darth Ratzi's claiming that the LBGTQs an equal threat to the planet as the destruction of the rainforest. Its all the fault of "gender theory". Which according to him "lead towards the definitive emancipation of man from creation and the creator". Sounds like a good idea to me given the kind of creator he seems to believe in. I'm still not sure how the homosexuals are going to destroy mankind. Possibly in the same way that they'll destroy marriage by um. Er. Being able to visit each other in hospital, and avoiding higher levels of inheritance tax.

But at least he doesn't seem to condone the charges of heresy against Galileo. I'm actually mildly surpised that he's been pinned down on this pressing topical question.

Also. This Christmas I'm going to need an new irony meter. An Italian priest, Father Botino, in Northern Italy has been criticised for telling kids that Father Christmas doesn't exist, "he never intended to hurt anyone but it was his duty to distinguish reality of Jesus from a story that was fable just like Cinderella or Snow White".

Fortunately a group of real terrorists have been found guilty. There are some experiments I don't like. I'm not sure I support a lot of the medical tests on chimps and other "higher" primates. But I also recognise that curing AIDS, learning how embryological development works, and all the other things that people do experiments on are important, and worthwhile. And they're only done when there isn't an alternative. You can't do everything in a computer or a petri dish. Biological systems are just too complex.

If it wasn't for animal testing an awful lot of people would be dead. Including most of these "activists".
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Bad News

Palaeos - The Trace of Life on Earth seems to have died. I've got no idea why, it was perfectly well last week. And now its disappeard off the face of the interweb with nary a explanation. Pity. I rather enjoyed the jokey style it explained the disagreements about tetrapod classification. But anyway.

If you thought your day got off to a bad start... At UCI random students will take over your office for sex. And blame you if you disturb them!
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I make it a rule not to read gossip magazines and the like. I'm not being snobbish, I just don't care about people I've never met, never will meet, and don't really want to meet. But then I saw this...

Courtney Love claims she's carrying Steve Coogan's love child. Yeah, drug addled fruit-loop widow of drug-addled over-rated suicide victim has been shagging the man who created Alan fucking Partridge. WTF??? Sounds like they've been getting their research from [livejournal.com profile] celebs_on_crack.


Aug. 11th, 2005 06:00 pm
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The more I look at it the more I'm tempted to sign up. After all, their heaven is better. Its got a beer volcano and a stripper factory. Plus a rather nice line on global warming. Nothing to do with CO2. Its pirates, or rather the lack of them. Maybe I'm missing the touch of his noodly appendage (or maybe I'm just trying to avoid writing a dissertation.)

However on the other hand Invisible Pink Unicorns are also intriguing me.

But Scientology's just plain nuts.


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