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And the one band I forgot to mention in that big post-o'-doom were one of the most entertaining ones. Alternative Carpark's acoustic set, was definitely one of the most entertaining gigs I've seen, even though I missed the beginning. I like the Jagermeister Stage a lot. I hope these guys come back to London sometime soon.

Fortunately LoungeBarAlton has posted pretty much their entire set on youtube, in glorious technicolour, with no wobbly bits, or tinny sound either.

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Finally made it, after repeatedly kicking myself for missing it year after year, missing bands I still want to see, like Sonata Arctica, Children of Bodom, Korpiklaani, Carcass, Moonspell, Turisas, Iced Earth, Alestorm, and so on...

And it was worth it.

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Going again? Oh hells yes.
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MItch Benn

Oct. 12th, 2007 11:51 pm
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Was Great.

Nuff said, he played pretty much what I'd expect to be on, plus a few I either hadn't heard before, or hadn't heard in ages. "My Name Is Macbeth" suffered a slight technical hitch when he couldn't find the mask and hat, but he was pleased that the audience didn't seem to mind. I was hoping he'd play "Ikea", which he didn't, but as he said to the person in front of us in the queue he gets people asking for songs he can't even remember writing. And he does have an extremely large back catalogue.

For those of you who don't know, he has a blog. There are youtube videos on the webpage. And he's very funny. Especially the rock opera, and the proper musical (not this fad for "tribute bands with a plot").

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Haven't updated in a couple of weeks, so here we go...

Wednesday 22nd: In Flames! Sepultura! Pyro! Kentish Town Forum! I was going to write a review about all the great stuff they played- plenty of things from Whoracle and a couple from Lunar Strain, etc. But I didn't get round to it.

Thursday & Friday: At work. Then beer festival. Met up with Owain for the first time in a while, and got to see Jenny & Bish and Dan & Leila again.

Saturday 25th: My boss left. And as we still hadn't had a Xmas party we had it then. So we went to the pub, got a free bar, and drank shedloads. I think the shop got through about £2K of beer! I've no idea how I managed to get in to work the next day, but I did.

So we have new bosses at the shop. Both have come in from my old branch at Bluewater, but joined the company after I'd left the shop. Will they be any good? Time will tell, but they seem to be nice people. But young.
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Bright was my heart and bold my steps when I went and bought the tickets for meself and young Fluff to see AE and Dark Tranquility. Who then pulled out and AE had to reschedule. And then I couldn't get anyone to take the ticket off me. So it was with a sense of foreboding that I went to the gig. I didn't want to sell it to a tout, and all I wanted really was to get back what I'd paid for.

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Recent Gigs

Dec. 1st, 2005 04:52 pm
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So in the last week I've been gigging frantically. (Well twice actually, but anyway).

Yesterday was Opeth, and Friday before last I went to see Novembre (supporting My Dying Bride).

Opeth are darn good live. I'd not realised they had such a large (and quite varied) back catalogue. I only recognised about three tracks (mostly from the new album, which is very good.) Rather too much stage banter, but given the length of the songs I'm not suprised the drummer needed a rest after each one.
The support acts were pretty good. Burst were nothing special, think a Swedish version of every loud American Nu-metal band of recent years without the hip-hop influence. In other words "Move along, nothing to see here". Good at what they do, just not interesting enough.
I can't believe I've been into metal since I was 17 and lived in Central London since I was 18 and yesterday was the first time I'd seen Akercocke. How the hell have I managed to avoid them? Anyway they're very good. The new prog direction is certainly intersting. Fluff compared the new stuff to Pharmacon, a black metal band who really want to play acid jazz. Usually halfway through a song. Still Its interesting, and they've reworked some of their older material in this new style.
Opeth, as mentioned were bloody good. The audience downstairs absolutely loved it. As for the audience upstairs (only place I could get a ticket for at such short notice), well I've seen more animated fossils.

Two weeks ago, as mentioned was MDB. I've seen them before, and Aaron's straightjacket was certainly cleaner. It was white. It's now tie-dyed with "Kensington Gore". Looks pretty funky actually. But the real reason I went to see it was to finally get to see Novembre. Not (as some people have accused them) an Opeth rip-off. They were absolutely fantastic. They got a decent length set (about 45 minutes), and comletely blew me away. It was all a bit emotional for the three of us (Fluff, Richard & myself). A gig we've been waiting for for quite some time.
MDB themselves were good, but the set really didn't come to life for me until the last 1/2 hour or so. I'm sure it was all planned from the start, but there wasn't enough early on to really get me into the set.

Although why the touts were flogging "HIM" T-shirts I really don't understand. Its not as if they're ever likely to be on the same billing as MDB (or even Novembre) for that matter, outside of Wacken.
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Killing Miranda were damn good. I'd not seen them live before, but I'll definitely go again given the chance. Deathboy were better than I hoped. I'd not seen them before bit they were really good. Metal/Electronica hybrid.

I thought they were a more metal version of Flame On, a band I've known for quite some time.

And the shiny thing? Well I bought myself an Olympus MJU mini, Well the photos I've had back from the gig are pretty good. I went for the slow motion long exposure thing and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

However, you can't see them 'cos its only a free account. Fluff's going to put some up on MySpace. Sometime soon I'll sort meself out a photo dump website. Or even a webste full stop.


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