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So today I met up with the parents and went to the London Wetland Centre. In case you aren't familiar with the place this is in Barnes, a short bus ride from Hammersmith. A little enclave of nature in the middle of the metropolis that not nearly enough people know about. Bitterns have been seen there, and there's a colony of water voles, and sand martin nest there, and a whole host of other neat abberrant theropods. And you should all go because its great.

In the space of an evening as well as the ubiquitous variety of ducks ('twas getting dark so identification wasn't easy), geese, swans, coots and moorhens, I saw lots of house martins feeding on the wing, herons, two Cormorants on their nest, marsh frogs, two Great Crested Grebes fishing, and an entire flock of Lapwings. Its definitely somewhere worth going to in the winter when the migrant waders start arriving.

In summer they do late night openings on Thursdays, closing at dusk, with a barbeque, and you can sit around, drinking beer, watching Lapwings and Grebes, and it's all rather good fun. Bring your binoculars, I heartily reccommend it.

HNY peeps.

Jan. 4th, 2006 05:51 pm
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Happy New Year. Hope 2006 is better for you all than 2005. Spent NYE with the nice chaps from Flame On in a pub in Highbury. Which was fun. And having the place in London made this sort of thing possible. Otherwise I'd have stayed at home and moped about. Which wouldn't have been at all nice.

Have now met all the flatmates. And they all seem very nice. Which is good. I'm sharing with a Mauritian couple, an Australian girl, a Polish chap and another Brit who's been living in the place for 7 years. As he's been here that long it can't be all bad.

Smoking in the house bad, kitchen a bit on the small side, but never mind. I'm no longer anything like as worried about the whole thing as before. I think moving some of my stuff in helped. Makes the place feel my own.

And my arm hurts. But I'm immune to this season's must have flu. The doctors seem to think I should have one because of my dodgy ticker.

And I've had an MMR jab. Because of all the students I know, and because I've not had mumps (or the vaccine). I should get the result from the Hep B test soon too. So more fun injections. And its not as if I'm even going on holiday!


Jul. 21st, 2005 08:07 pm
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If you're going to blow yourselves up it does help to actually set off an explosion. Useless tossers. All you've done is give yorself third degree burns and make people want to go to the pub.

What's next exploding shoes? Oh sorry, you've tried that already. You were crap at that too.
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Shepherd's Bush, Warren Street & Oval have been evacuated, and an incident on a bus in Hackney. LU have set "code Amber" and several "dummy explosions" "detonators only". Looks like its been nipped in the bud. So it looks like the tube networks going to be shut down again.

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All the people I know have checked in. Quite a few are well outside London, so that's good. How they're going to get home however is anyone's guess. Pierre's stuck at work, volunteered for double shifts working on the LU phonelines. Tait's just glad he's a lazy git and overslept. I'm sitting at home feeling useless.

Its scary given how close to my old stamping ground it all is.

Just to prove how crap I am at staying in touch with people, this has been the first time in ages I've contacted a lot of people. Still, its crises like this that lead you to assess things like this in your life.
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Err... Not a good day to start a blog, but here goes...

After about an hour of frantic texting and phone calls everyone seems to be OK. I was supposed to be meeting a friend for lunch in London, and got a phone call at about 10:30 suggesting that postponing might be a good idea. Turned on the telly, and... well yes. I work in London, so I've had several phone calls checking I'm OK, and wasn't in London.

I'm happy the emergency services seem to be handling this really well. Its now about four hours since events started and they're just getting on with it. Everyone seems to be relaxed about it.


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