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And the one band I forgot to mention in that big post-o'-doom were one of the most entertaining ones. Alternative Carpark's acoustic set, was definitely one of the most entertaining gigs I've seen, even though I missed the beginning. I like the Jagermeister Stage a lot. I hope these guys come back to London sometime soon.

Fortunately LoungeBarAlton has posted pretty much their entire set on youtube, in glorious technicolour, with no wobbly bits, or tinny sound either.

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Finally made it, after repeatedly kicking myself for missing it year after year, missing bands I still want to see, like Sonata Arctica, Children of Bodom, Korpiklaani, Carcass, Moonspell, Turisas, Iced Earth, Alestorm, and so on...

And it was worth it.

Day 1... )

Day 2... )

Day 3... )

Going again? Oh hells yes.
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Well the NME have their "albums of the decade" list, and the only one I own is a copy of Amy Winehouse I got off a mate. There's about six tracks on their "singles of the decade" that I don't mind listening to, but only one or two that I actually like. Then again I'm not surprised. My album of the decade depending on mood is a toss-up between Novembrine Waltz by Novembre, and Blind Guardian's A Night At The Opera.

I'm not going to list 100 songs, but I'll give you five in no particular order that I've either grown to love, or adored since I first heard them.

Insomnium - Ill-Starred Sun. (In The Halls of Awaiting) Not in the least bit cheerful. But I love how the whispered intro turns into a top-notch melodic death riff. Hits all the right buttons. I'm not sure anyone does anger and hopelessness better than these guys.

Blind Guardian - And Then There Was Silence (A Night At The Opera) Nigh-on 15 minutes of Trojan War epic German Power Metal. Fabulous layered guitars and vocals. Just Awesome.

Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch (15) Deeply misogynistic, but just so damn catchy!

Green Carnation - Sweet Leaf (The Acoustic Verses). Mellow, melancholic, and yet uplifting.

Novembre - Come Pierrot (Novembrine Waltz) The vocals change from whispering, to some of the most emotionally charged death to clean like that, switching styles with ease, by turns celebratory (I don't quite know why the whoop is there, but the song wouldn't be the same without it), by turns desolate. Despite the regular comparisons with Opeth I steadfastly claim they're better. The drumming is just fabulous. I love these guys so much. To be honest I pretty much picked a song at random from the album, I love the whole thing.
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Make your own 20 line poem. Set your iPod (or whatever music player you happen to be using- ie my computer) Take the first 21 songs. The first line of each is a line of the poem, and first line gives the 21st provides the title.

I should point out that when my 'pute picked out Dr Who audios, or similar I ignored it. Otherwise it would be really stupid.

At Hilly's Show

Your pretty face seduced me,
Blood and tears,
I got a mellowship,
Can't make out things he said,

Have you woke up screaming in the silence of the night?
In July 1863, a nation torn in tragedy,
Before you lose your temper count up to 100,
This is out of our reach,

Sickened by the feeling within,
...since I was a child, I saw my own way,
All of the force of nature, chaos and the death of hope,
Inside black decision, concealing what no-one knows but I,

Shakedown 1979, cool kids never have the time,
This is feeding what I am.
Sweet dreams are made of this,

Hey! They walk all over you,
Όταν θα πάω κυρά μου στο παζάρι
Fool moon standing in the streets.

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See. Told you. Go on guess the titles.

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You've seen Lego Star Wars. You've seen The Brick Testament?
Now behold Lego Death Metal


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