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Recently I broke the circuit board on the keyboard trying to thread the flex through a bootlace, and as Maplin don't make it any more I had to buy a new one. (I'll probably go looking for a replacement on the Bay of E sometime soon, because for some reason this new one just isn't as nice to type on...) As I already had the keys all made up it was a fairly quick job to cut down the key-caps, cover the board in sticky-backed plastic, and a bit of leatherette, and this time rather than cutting the cable and risk damaging the keyboard I've done the sensible thing and wrapped string round the outside.

Last week I pottered around Oxford Street poking about MacCulloch & Wallis, and John Lewis' haberdashery departments. I picked up a cheap black shirt from the nice people at BHS and have comprehensively voided the warranty by sticking bits all over it. Its not quite complete yet, I think I'll get some of the organza style stuff and add another layer or two of ruffley bits to the cuffs, and maybe hide the seams behind more silk ribbon.

At the same time I picked up this nice dark brown strip of fake fur that's 15cm x 150cm, and have absolutely no idea what to do with it.

I'm thinking of sewing the edges together and just making a scarf, but that just seems rather boring. I've got about a square metre of black velvet, and quite a bit of the brown leatherette from the keyboard left over. Arm warmers maybe? Though I'd not wear them would anyone else want a pair? Or do you have better ideas? Preferably that don't involve drawing patterns or anything sensible like that...
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Two more cuffs. This time there's very little leatherette, but much more velvet. More Victorian sweatband than fetishwear.
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I think I'll probably add some buttons to the one with the leather on it, it looks a little plain. I'll leave the other on as is though. When I get some more press studs and lace I'm very tempted to make matching ones for the other hand.
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I picked up some leatherette from Boroviks, some cream lacy stuff from John Lewis, and some nice brassy coloured press studs and metal lacing clasps from MacCulloch and Wallis (I do love that shop so very much...) A little glue, string, some basic stitching and I'm quite pleased with this as a first attempt. The string will be replaced with proper laces in fairly short order, but it'll do to make sure the thing works.
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And finally an action shot!  

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Steampunk hits Auntie!

Anyone fancy a trip to Oxford?

Although the fact they warned us that "The gun in the video is fictional and should not be copied"is a little excessive, Its a steam-powered pistol that shoots cubes at aliens. Everyone knows the best bullets for aliens are hexagonal!

Oh cock.

Nov. 29th, 2009 06:15 pm
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I've broken my nice Steampunk keyboard. :( Yesterday I finally got sick of the brown tape I'd wrapped around the cable and decided to replace it by threading it through a bootlace with the middle bit removed. This is a trick I've seen on several builds, and I rather like it. Unfortunately cutting it is easy. Reconnecting is not. I cut far too close to the board, and through various errors ended up removing part of the PCB with the soldering iron. Now I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that's fatal.

Ho-hum I think, off to Maplin for a new £5 keyboard, swap the cables around, and this time I'll use glue and string, and not be so ambitious. Turns out they don't sell the keyboard any more. Cheapest one they have is £10, never mind, I'll get it and it'll be fine. It is of course too much to expect that I'll be able to reuse the original frame, but I have found a replacement. Unfortunately its actually worse to type on. The keys are really nasty and squishy, and even more inconveniently the squishy membrane bit is made of individual bits. I've already lost one opening up the back to take a look! And the long keys have these metal bits which probably help pring them back up, but after being cut down actually stop the key springing back!

Has someone seen the Steampunk genre and decided to make their products as awkward to mod as possible? Still the board itself is black, which at least cuts down on painting all the key-stems, and the plastic is a little flimsier, which means I can pull things apart with pliers, rather than dremelling everything.

Frankly the most annoying part of the whole thing is having to get a replacement lining for the key-trays. I'm out of the leatherette I got for next to nowt, and can't reuse it as the holes I've cut are the wrong shape and in the wrong place.
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I have this cheap and cheerful laundry basket from Argos. It worked fine until a couple of months ago when the wood split, and wrapping elastic bands around it no longer works. Now I could just buy a new one. Maybe a metal one would be nicer. But I'm me, and have never been too good at this "doing logical things" business. I have monitors covered in sticky-backed-plastic for goodness' sake. What did you expect of me?

So I bought 3 metres of 15mm copper pipe, and some 90 degree angles, and cobbled this monstrosity together. Yes it cost far more than a nice wickerwork one, but it doesn't take up any more space than the old one. And I buildt it myself. Which is the point really.

I think I need about another metre of pipe and some T-junctions at the front to increase the stability a little, but I'm not unhappy. Especially as it hasn't fallen over yet.


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