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Well for now. I'm pretty much out of things to modify.

I wasn't entirely happy with the buttons on the 15" monitor, so I bought some nice buttons, filed off the loops at the back and glued them on.

Monitor 1 )

Since the last update I've also completed the 19" monitor.

Monitor 2- Screen )

And now for the base...

Monitor 2 - Base )
And Lo. It was Done.


Yes. that is a periodic table mug you can see in the corner. And the china Parasaurolophus is a cream jug. Don't ask.
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Today I went to see the Orchids over at Kew Gardens, and discovered another reason why 2009 is the year of real science. Its Kew Garden's 250th birthday, so raise glass of something nice and botanical to them sometime.

I also picked up the bits of copper pipe and angles that Dad had, so after getting hope I cut some pipes up and finished off this.

Three quick cuts and tighten up the compression joints et voila!

Piccies? )
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Last time I painted the plastic parts, and covered it in wood-effect sticky-backed-plastic. At the time I didn't really know what I was going to do for the support. Building a new base, while still using parts of the existing stand turned out to be impractical- I don't have access to a drillbit the right size. Having seen these lamps from Professor Fzz made me think of alternative designs using plumbing parts. And when I realised what the four holes on the back were for- they're to attach the monitor to a wall like a flat panel TV- everything fell into place.

Brilliant, drill holes, attach the copper pipe (leftover from the computer) that'll work! I won't have to chop up small bits of wood to fit in the slots where the previous stand went. And I can rotate the thing by 90 degrees and mount it vertically if I really wanted to. I can't adjust the angle that the monitor is at, but that's a sacrifice I'm happy to make.

One problem, it falls flat on its face.I'll need to get a couple of 90 degree compression joints and another 8" or so of pipe and build a "U" shape, attach it to the front, and then I'll have a completed desktop set! Watch this space!
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I've done a computer, a trackball, a keyboard and a card reader.

Now for the biggie. The monitor. Currently I have two, a Samsung which might not be too difficult- build a frame attach a stand, like the [livejournal.com profile] vonslatt version, and all will be well, and a smaller 15" I bought at the same time as the original HP that until recently provided the guts of the Xion Aetheric Computational Engine.

Dismantling it, the plastic bits look like this. Note the "T" shaped part. This is the part that allows the monitor to pivot. The fact that it has a sort of plug shape is going to be important for phase 2:

Unfortunately it has built-in speakers, there are two separate circuit boards, and the stand is a horrible curvy monstrosity I'm not sure I can do anything with. Fortunately I do still have the rest of that Fablon sticky backed plastic, for the nice easy flat bits. (I swear I'll be making clothes out of it next.)

From behind. I think it'll need several coats of paint. And I'll have to do the ink-wash thing at some point. But its a start, and they're just minor points Liquid leaf is soluble in white spirit, which makes cleaning up any messy bits nice and easy.

Some spraypaint, liquid leaf and careful sticking later and the front looks like this (that pink thing is a Kaiyodo model of a Diplocaulus. Why can't Kinder Egg be as good as this?):

I haven't done anything to the unpainted base, and I'm not going to. It will be replaced by a block of wood drilled to accommodate the "plug" on the pivot piece, and then I'll build a base that allows me to attach it using the screw that holds it to the current base. So the base will be a squarish block, with a short square column that the largely completed bit is fixed to.

Quite what I'll do to the base, I'm not entirely certain. Maybe follow others in making the base look like marble/granite? Lion's feet? Some sort of brocade fabric? We shall see.


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