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And the one band I forgot to mention in that big post-o'-doom were one of the most entertaining ones. Alternative Carpark's acoustic set, was definitely one of the most entertaining gigs I've seen, even though I missed the beginning. I like the Jagermeister Stage a lot. I hope these guys come back to London sometime soon.

Fortunately LoungeBarAlton has posted pretty much their entire set on youtube, in glorious technicolour, with no wobbly bits, or tinny sound either.

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Finally made it, after repeatedly kicking myself for missing it year after year, missing bands I still want to see, like Sonata Arctica, Children of Bodom, Korpiklaani, Carcass, Moonspell, Turisas, Iced Earth, Alestorm, and so on...

And it was worth it.

Day 1... )

Day 2... )

Day 3... )

Going again? Oh hells yes.
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A song that makes you cry (or nearly).

Yeah, well I wasn't going to touch the fanfic thing. I don't read it, I don't write it, it just ain't my bag baby. (If you do, then more power to your elbow, but I wouldn't know where to start). OK, I could write a post about Brian Lumley books I haven't read, but I don't think that's on really. So other than to say "New Charles Stross Laundry Novel Out This Week!!!!- And He's Writing Another One!" we'll move on.

Novembre are basically an Italian version of Opeth. But I think they're better.

This is Valentine from the Novembrine Waltz album.
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You know what you have to do;
1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.
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Primal Fear - Under Your Spell
Bunch of Germans who really wish they were in Judas Priest.

Dark Tranquillity - UnDo Control
A nice slab of Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal with female, clean, and distorted vocals.

Hawkwind - Urban Guerilla
A classic slab of space rock from the 70s.

Blind Guardian - Under the Ice

German operatic power metal at its best.

Samael - Us
Love this track.
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Your Favourite Song.

I don't have one. Not really. There are songs I come back to time and time again because they're fun (Mr Crocoduck I Wanna Banana), have a great riff (Countdown to Extinction), always makes me grin like a fool (Crazy Bitch), stunning musicianship (Novembre's drumming, Yngwie's cover of Gimme Gimmie Gimmie), or makes me sing along in public (Wind-up Toy) rarely there's something that offers all of them. Its not necessarily my favourite song ever. But it's damn catchy...

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Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man.
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Duncan is an excellent writer, and this post explains exactly why I like the "Rage Against The Machine for Xmas No. One" campaign. Especially given Simon Cowell's recent "waaah its not fair on the act who won". Frankly that alone is enough for me to support the aims. Just because you won a contest to find this year's blandest most radio-friendly singer does not mean you automatically get to have a number one. Isn't winning the contest and getting a record contract enough?
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As the organisers say "its just a bit of fun", and it would be nice to see a song that I actually like up in the charts again.
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Well the NME have their "albums of the decade" list, and the only one I own is a copy of Amy Winehouse I got off a mate. There's about six tracks on their "singles of the decade" that I don't mind listening to, but only one or two that I actually like. Then again I'm not surprised. My album of the decade depending on mood is a toss-up between Novembrine Waltz by Novembre, and Blind Guardian's A Night At The Opera.

I'm not going to list 100 songs, but I'll give you five in no particular order that I've either grown to love, or adored since I first heard them.

Insomnium - Ill-Starred Sun. (In The Halls of Awaiting) Not in the least bit cheerful. But I love how the whispered intro turns into a top-notch melodic death riff. Hits all the right buttons. I'm not sure anyone does anger and hopelessness better than these guys.

Blind Guardian - And Then There Was Silence (A Night At The Opera) Nigh-on 15 minutes of Trojan War epic German Power Metal. Fabulous layered guitars and vocals. Just Awesome.

Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch (15) Deeply misogynistic, but just so damn catchy!

Green Carnation - Sweet Leaf (The Acoustic Verses). Mellow, melancholic, and yet uplifting.

Novembre - Come Pierrot (Novembrine Waltz) The vocals change from whispering, to some of the most emotionally charged death to clean like that, switching styles with ease, by turns celebratory (I don't quite know why the whoop is there, but the song wouldn't be the same without it), by turns desolate. Despite the regular comparisons with Opeth I steadfastly claim they're better. The drumming is just fabulous. I love these guys so much. To be honest I pretty much picked a song at random from the album, I love the whole thing.
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H/T to Pharyngula, as always...
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Personally I find it hard to think of crap covers. Given my taste in music there's a good chance I wasn't a fan of the song to begin with, so yet another pop group doing it isn't going to make much difference. In fact I tend to reserve my ire for people nabbing samples of perfectly good riffs and then buggering them up by rapping all over it. Kid Rock I'm looking at you. As it is I can think of loads of frankly awesome covers (Gamma Ray doing "Its a Sin" for instance), but I'll try and narrow it down to five.

But first some comedy in the form of Cradle of Filth - Devil Woman... Now for something a little more serious. .

Motorhead/Girlschool - Please Don't Touch. It was either this or him and Wendy O'Williams doing "Stand By Your Man". I think this is the better song though.

69 Eyes - Lost Boys. Is it really so bad that I want to change the lyric to "everybody knows you're goths..."? >;-)

Hawkwind - Gimme Shelter. A slab of brilliant space rock.

Novembre - Cloudbursting. Barely changes the song, apart from adding their fantastic drumming to the mix. I love these guys.

Ten Masked Men - Hit Me Baby One More Time. Possibly the greatest cover in the universe.

And now for the bad ones:

Helloween - Space Oddity. No. Leave Bowie alone.

Ten Masked Men - Thriller. Not every song is better with death metal. This is the exception that proves the rule.

Type O Negative - Day Tripper (Medley). I'm not a fan of medleys. Especially not when they just aren't very good. Its a pity because their version of Cinnamon Girl is excellent.
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Fight the religious right with the National Day of Slayer!
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Haven't updated in a couple of weeks, so here we go...

Wednesday 22nd: In Flames! Sepultura! Pyro! Kentish Town Forum! I was going to write a review about all the great stuff they played- plenty of things from Whoracle and a couple from Lunar Strain, etc. But I didn't get round to it.

Thursday & Friday: At work. Then beer festival. Met up with Owain for the first time in a while, and got to see Jenny & Bish and Dan & Leila again.

Saturday 25th: My boss left. And as we still hadn't had a Xmas party we had it then. So we went to the pub, got a free bar, and drank shedloads. I think the shop got through about £2K of beer! I've no idea how I managed to get in to work the next day, but I did.

So we have new bosses at the shop. Both have come in from my old branch at Bluewater, but joined the company after I'd left the shop. Will they be any good? Time will tell, but they seem to be nice people. But young.
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Bright was my heart and bold my steps when I went and bought the tickets for meself and young Fluff to see AE and Dark Tranquility. Who then pulled out and AE had to reschedule. And then I couldn't get anyone to take the ticket off me. So it was with a sense of foreboding that I went to the gig. I didn't want to sell it to a tout, and all I wanted really was to get back what I'd paid for.

If you don't want to know the score, look away now... )


Recent Gigs

Dec. 1st, 2005 04:52 pm
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So in the last week I've been gigging frantically. (Well twice actually, but anyway).

Yesterday was Opeth, and Friday before last I went to see Novembre (supporting My Dying Bride).

Opeth are darn good live. I'd not realised they had such a large (and quite varied) back catalogue. I only recognised about three tracks (mostly from the new album, which is very good.) Rather too much stage banter, but given the length of the songs I'm not suprised the drummer needed a rest after each one.
The support acts were pretty good. Burst were nothing special, think a Swedish version of every loud American Nu-metal band of recent years without the hip-hop influence. In other words "Move along, nothing to see here". Good at what they do, just not interesting enough.
I can't believe I've been into metal since I was 17 and lived in Central London since I was 18 and yesterday was the first time I'd seen Akercocke. How the hell have I managed to avoid them? Anyway they're very good. The new prog direction is certainly intersting. Fluff compared the new stuff to Pharmacon, a black metal band who really want to play acid jazz. Usually halfway through a song. Still Its interesting, and they've reworked some of their older material in this new style.
Opeth, as mentioned were bloody good. The audience downstairs absolutely loved it. As for the audience upstairs (only place I could get a ticket for at such short notice), well I've seen more animated fossils.

Two weeks ago, as mentioned was MDB. I've seen them before, and Aaron's straightjacket was certainly cleaner. It was white. It's now tie-dyed with "Kensington Gore". Looks pretty funky actually. But the real reason I went to see it was to finally get to see Novembre. Not (as some people have accused them) an Opeth rip-off. They were absolutely fantastic. They got a decent length set (about 45 minutes), and comletely blew me away. It was all a bit emotional for the three of us (Fluff, Richard & myself). A gig we've been waiting for for quite some time.
MDB themselves were good, but the set really didn't come to life for me until the last 1/2 hour or so. I'm sure it was all planned from the start, but there wasn't enough early on to really get me into the set.

Although why the touts were flogging "HIM" T-shirts I really don't understand. Its not as if they're ever likely to be on the same billing as MDB (or even Novembre) for that matter, outside of Wacken.
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It all seems to have gone a bit "Spinal Tap". Given the recent article in Kerrang! I'm not entirely surprised this happened. The band sat around together, went in a bus together, and Tarja turned up separately, didn't talk to anyone, and only spent time with her husband. It seems this has been going on for some time.

There's an open letter to her on Nightwish's site here
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From http://www.guardian.co.uk/frontpage/story/0,16518,1627431,00.html

Conservative Welsh Assembly member William Graham invited Lemmy to speak on drugs issues (well he has done extensive field research). Some of the assembly members seem to have been rather excited-

"One politician, giggling like a schoolboy, dug a colleague in the ribs: "You and your 'how do you do?' You should have said 'rock on!'""

But the best bit?

"Lemmy cleared his throat, and took out two typed sheets of white paper, apologising for using notes. Mr Graham looked politely expectant. Heroin was a killer, Lemmy said. Mr Graham nodded. Heroin made people into thieves and liars. Mr Graham nodded again. "There is only one answer," Lemmy said, "legalise it." Mr Graham, a former magistrate, blinked twice."

"There were a few seconds' stunned silence, before a chorus of voices asked Mr Graham if he agreed with his guest. "It's certainly part of the debate," Mr Graham said faintly."


Oh yes, and I've got pleurisy. My chest feels like someones thumped me really hard, it hurts when I breathe, move my right arm, and I don't want to talk about what happens when I cough or sneeze. Fortunately I've seen a doctor and she's given me some antibiotics, so I should be on the mend soon, but theres no way I can work.

I will however try and make [livejournal.com profile] fwuffydragon 's party. Though alcohol consumption is probably a bad idea.

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I make it a rule not to read gossip magazines and the like. I'm not being snobbish, I just don't care about people I've never met, never will meet, and don't really want to meet. But then I saw this...

Courtney Love claims she's carrying Steve Coogan's love child. Yeah, drug addled fruit-loop widow of drug-addled over-rated suicide victim has been shagging the man who created Alan fucking Partridge. WTF??? Sounds like they've been getting their research from [livejournal.com profile] celebs_on_crack.

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Killing Miranda were damn good. I'd not seen them live before, but I'll definitely go again given the chance. Deathboy were better than I hoped. I'd not seen them before bit they were really good. Metal/Electronica hybrid.

I thought they were a more metal version of Flame On, a band I've known for quite some time.

And the shiny thing? Well I bought myself an Olympus MJU mini, Well the photos I've had back from the gig are pretty good. I went for the slow motion long exposure thing and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

However, you can't see them 'cos its only a free account. Fluff's going to put some up on MySpace. Sometime soon I'll sort meself out a photo dump website. Or even a webste full stop.


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