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Given that there's a new one, and the price of the old one has dropped a bit on the second hand market I've decided to get a used Canon EOS 5D. Its a full-frame camera, so all my lenses do what they did on the old EOS-1 film body I have, rather than having a 1.6 crop as on the cheaper bodies. Also it won't be killed by the voltages from the flash kit I own too. It'll only work manually, but given the instant feedback that digital gives you that's not something I'm too unhappy about. I'll probably look out for a dedicated flashgun eventually, (and it looks like some of the modern flashguns will still work on a T90, which is a real bonus) but for now its all good, as they say.

I also finally found a hotshoe adaptor so I can use the long flash cable I have. Which is very useful, as you can see...

Now the only thing I need to look out for is one of these, an EOS to FD adaptor, without glass, so I can use bellows and fancy close-up lenses. Knowing there and then if the lighting or focussing are right is really helpful. Much as I'd love one, I just can't afford the MP-E65.

So am I abandoning film? Hell no. I'll still use it for lots of things- especially situations where I know what I'm doing with regards to lighting, etc. Plus I love the feel of the old cameras. I think the F-1 might see rather more use compared to the T90 now. With digital I shoot more, but think less. Which doesn't necessarily make for better photographs. With film I pay much more attention to what I'm seeing in the viewfinder.

But when it comes to experimentation? Digital is much more convenient.
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A Photo You Took Yourself

As I've been a little lax in posting you can have two...

Leaf Reflections by ~davegodfrey on deviantART

Barnes Water Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust. Shot at dusk on Provia 400

Victoria underside by ~davegodfrey on deviantART

The underside of the leaf of a Giant Amazon Waterlily at Kew.
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I'd rather neglected deviantart for a while, but being a "gentleman of leisure"* I've had time to scan and upload a whole bunch of stuff, and so I present some for your viewing pleasure. More photos over here on the proper site.

*Daily Mail translation: "filthy scrounging dole scum"


Mar. 11th, 2008 06:56 pm
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I like macrophotography. And by like, I mean its one of the first things I wanted to do with a camera. One of the first lenses I bought for my SLR kit was a Tamron 90mm lens, which is perfect for plants, and excellent for insects. I have either extension tubes or bellows for all the cameras that will take them, the Bronica, the EOS kit (although I don't have a macro lens for this one), and both for the Canon FD kit.

Getting out of work at 4 means I got the chance to pop into York Cameras ('round the corner from the BM). Where I found both these lovely lenses in for £199 each. I'd never seen them other than in the catalogue. They only work on a set of bellows, but I have those. The 35 looks relatively easy to use, giving me between 2:1 and 6:1 reproduction (2x to 6x life size as reproduced on the negative). The 20mm goes from 4:1 to 10:1 magnification! Holy Giant Insects Batman!

So much for the "saving money plan". I haven't bought either of them. Yet.

Must Resist The Shiny...


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