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Stephen Green really is a nasty piece of work. Whodathunkit.

Even the Daily Fail have turned on him.

As it happens has his wife. Who clearly endured a dreadful marriage, and frankly I feel dreadful for her, her children and anyone who had anything to do with the man. Who is now married to someone 25 year his junior and hoping to start another family.
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1. [livejournal.com profile] innerbrat is awesome. Now those of you who are on her flist as well know this. But she's finished knitting me what is probably the best scarf in the universe. Its nearly 10 feet long. And show how the continents moved about over the past 500 million years. You couldn't have a more awesome scarf if you tried.

2. I am going to hell. Today I passed a church with the sign "Jesus loves you passionately. He died for you". The first thing I thought of? "Well he came back, so it can only have been un petit mort".
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"Charles Darwin wasn't a scientist but a theologian"

Darwin did indeed study theology- but then so everyone who didn't take medicine. At the time Cambridge offered two degrees- Medicine or Divinity. And aside from natural selection Darwin wrote one of the definitive works on barnacles and worked out how coral reefs formed. That makes him a scientist, regardless of what he read at university. By this reasoning Margaret Thatcher is a chemist. Oh, and Darwin lost his faith after he came up with Natural Selection, not before.

"No transitional forms"

Pakicetus, Ambulocetus, Rhodocetus, Basilosaurus, Dorudon, and just today Maiacetus. And that's just the whales I can think of off the top of my head.

"The cell is one of the simplest units of living matter"

Life spent the first 2 billion years as bacteria. It took a very long time to get that complex. Oh and stop it with the "Chance and time" bollocks. Evolution IS NOT A RANDOM PROCESS!!" Mutation is random. Selection is non-random.

"irreducible complexity"

Oh crap she's discussing Behe's flagella stuff. The flagella is developed from the Type 3 Excretory system present in a variety of other bacteria. Has she never heard of the phrase "pulling yourself up by your bootlaces"? Because that's how evolution works.

"Wake up and acknowledge God created you"

Hail the All-Father! Oh sorry not the god you were referring to? How about Queztzalcoatl? Not him either? Bacchus? Tiamat? Ra? Crom? Azathoth? Geoff?

The video comes from the "Passion for Christ Movement". Note the Ex-Atheist T-shirt she's wearing. Coupling the standard creationist nonsense with their "Ex-Homosexual" T-shirts,and the "your body is something to be ashamed of" cant tells you everything you need to know about these people I think.

H/T to Pharyngula and Feministing
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I went top the pub to wave a colleague off to another job and I come back to this.

No. Not the presidential inauguration. (Tho' I hope Obama and his team does a better job than GW- then again he can't be much worse. surely? surely?)

Nope. It was the news via Pharyngula that Sylvia Olona of the Presbyterian Health Services Rio Rancho Family Health Center in New Mexico removes her patients IUDs. Without their consent.

"Everyone in the office always laughs and tells me I pull these out on purpose because I am against them, but it's not true, they accidentally come out when I tug."

Now I don't know much about IUDs, but I'd assume that they don't just "accidentally come out when I tug". Or indeed, that in order to adjust one that much tugging is involved. She's being sued for removing one without consent. And it isn't the first time. Until now I didn't know entirely how IUDs worked. (I'd been told that it was an anti-implantation technique- which, it turns out, is wrong). But I'm not a nurse. I'm not expected to know exactly how individual methods of contraception work as part of my day-to-day job. This woman's career is based on the fact that she has this kind of information at her fingertips. And she's this ignorant of her own specialism? And uses her ignorance to determine the course of other women's lives?

If these allegations are true this woman should lose her licence. If half the allegations are true she should be struck off.

If Obama does nothing else in his first 100 days, I'll be glad if he removes the "provider conscience rule" that means people like this can ride roughshod over someone else because their personal (and clearly ill-informed) beliefs somehow trump someone else's decisions about their own body. The most frightening thing is that this kind of crap is already affecting people.
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I do love Stephen Green sometimes. His latest shtick is to complain to the Advertising Standards Authority about the "There's probably no God, so stop worrying and enjoy your life" advert London buses. Of course if he hadn't started jumping up and down and stamping his little feet virtually no-one outside London or the prominent atheist internet communities would know.

If he didn't exist I think the atheists would have to invent him. His campaign against Jerry Springer The Opera got the laws against Blasphemous Libel overturned, though with the introduction of the Racial and Religious Hatred Act in 2006 its death was on the cards anyway. Incidentally Green's private prosecution was dismissed by the High Court on the grounds that it was impossible under the acts governing theatres and broadcasters to be charged with blasphemy.

I shouldn't be surprised that people like Green don't understand that being told we're bad people for not agreeing with him annoys us. Clearly by his logic feminists should keep quite about all the adverts that portray women's bodies as dirty things to be ashamed of. (Actually Green probably thinks women's bodies are dirty things to be ashamed of.)

What's annoying too, is the Christians who like to think of themselves as moderates, and the concern trolling atheists and agnostics (Clifford Longley as quoted by Andrew Brown for instance) "Ooh no, we can't upset the religious people". To which the only response I can think of is bollocks. Insulting for no reason? Yeah, I'm not a fan of that. I've been guilty of it myself, and it just makes you look stupid.

There are however times when its perfectly justified. Osama Bin Laden and Fred Phelps (to take the most extreme examples) clearly have some warped ideas about what their religions should be. I'm sure they have (and in the case of Christianity know) bits of their holy books that back up their ideas, but there are plenty of other parts that contradict this, and big lumps that are just plain ignored. After all Christians women don't make blood sacrifices after their periods any more. (They don't do they? Or is it like that secret evolutionist ritual where they show us all the Precambrian rabbits?)

Sometimes it would be really nice if it didn't feel like it was just the humanists and the "outspoken atheists" getting up and telling the religious extremists that they're mental. And Christians, what is it with the persecution complex? Guys you took over the Roman Empire, and have been in charge of Western Civilisation ever since. You haven't been able to cry "Oppression" in 1800 years, except when you've been oppressing each other.

I'm going to stop here before I turn into Marcus Brigstocke without the gags.
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You probably all know that Darth Ratzi's claiming that the LBGTQs an equal threat to the planet as the destruction of the rainforest. Its all the fault of "gender theory". Which according to him "lead towards the definitive emancipation of man from creation and the creator". Sounds like a good idea to me given the kind of creator he seems to believe in. I'm still not sure how the homosexuals are going to destroy mankind. Possibly in the same way that they'll destroy marriage by um. Er. Being able to visit each other in hospital, and avoiding higher levels of inheritance tax.

But at least he doesn't seem to condone the charges of heresy against Galileo. I'm actually mildly surpised that he's been pinned down on this pressing topical question.

Also. This Christmas I'm going to need an new irony meter. An Italian priest, Father Botino, in Northern Italy has been criticised for telling kids that Father Christmas doesn't exist, "he never intended to hurt anyone but it was his duty to distinguish reality of Jesus from a story that was fable just like Cinderella or Snow White".

Fortunately a group of real terrorists have been found guilty. There are some experiments I don't like. I'm not sure I support a lot of the medical tests on chimps and other "higher" primates. But I also recognise that curing AIDS, learning how embryological development works, and all the other things that people do experiments on are important, and worthwhile. And they're only done when there isn't an alternative. You can't do everything in a computer or a petri dish. Biological systems are just too complex.

If it wasn't for animal testing an awful lot of people would be dead. Including most of these "activists".
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I didn't like Make Me A Christian.

Neither did Charlie Brooker. Although I did learn that Reverend George (the chap who gave the lapdancing witch a bollocking for having sex before marriage, and being interested in tarot) wrote that Sinitta song "So macho"! The mind boggles.
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Hot on the heels of Richard Dawkins' The Genius of Darwin (which had a post's-worth of problems, but otherwise I generally enjoyed.This week's on Social Darwinism should be better), Channel 4 is screening Make me a Christian. Wherin about a dozen people from various backgrounds in Leeds are berated for being "sinful" and lectured by a bunch of somewhat fundamental Christians.

I could tell I wasn't going to like it when in the first 10 minutes the guy leading the project states that he believes in Genesis and Adam and Eve because Jesus did. No further explanation seemed necessary to him. He didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with bullying a woman who was clearly unhappy with her life, and may well have had self-esteem issues, picking on the fact that she was interested in tarot, wicca and witchcraft. And then he meets the lesbian, confiscates her erotica, posters, etc. Isn't Christianity supposed to be about love? Because that really wasn't the message he was sending out.

There's a scene where they get the group together and discuss abortion with them, showing them graphic videos of the procedures, including one of an abortion that happened after 20 weeks. One of the participants (the lesbian I think) asks "what about cases of rape?" This is brushed aside with the comment that "there are plenty of people out there who are willing to adopt." After that my flabber was well and truly ghasted.

I'm quite glad the rest of this weeks episode was devoted to the guy who's shagging around while his girlfriend is off at uni. Unfortunately showing him pictures of people with tertiary syphilis didn't put him off that week's boozing and clubbing session. Maybe if they'd told him that when the programme gets shown on national TV he's going to get dumped on his arse he might have listened, because Jesus clearly wasn't putting him off. In fact telling people he was trying to "live a Christian life" seemed to be working as a chat-up line!
The main problem with this program is that the biker was absolutely correct when he pointed out that "your not giving us reasons to believe in this". He is of course the "uncooperative" member of the group, and therefore makes for better TV. I wonder if the mild-mannered bearded chap will be so critical of him when the people running this project discover he's been flirting with Islam?
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Dr Henry Morgentaler, a Polish Jew who survived the Holocaust, and emigrated to Canada has been awarded the Order of Canada for his work as an abortion rights campaigner. He opened his first clinic in 1969, at a time when abortions were illegal, and performed thousands of procedures. He was arrested, jailed for several months and his Toronto clinic was firebombed. As late as 1987 a woman seeking abortion in Canada had to appeal to a three-doctor committee. The Supreme Court struck this down as unconstitutional in 1988.

Unsurprisingly the pro-lifers and the Catholic clergy are not happy. Father Lucien Larré has become the first person to return theirs in protest. Larré might be trying to return his before its taken away however. In 1992 he was placed on trial for physically abusing children in his care (he later received a pardon and does not have a criminal record.) More recently in 2006 he was suspended from the British Colombia College of Psychiatrists, and in 2007 the A.B.C. Supreme Court upheld this ruling stating that "that there are serious public protection concerns and an immediate risk to the public" if he continued to practice. Subsequently, Madonna House, a Catholic lay community has also returned the medal awarded to its founder.

Not everyone on the pro-life side feels the same way. Rabbi Emeritus Erwin Schild, who is opposed to abortions unless the life of the mother is threatened, said “I'm very proud of my Order of Canada and certainly I see no reason at all [to believe] that it is denigrated in any way by sharing it with Dr. Henry Morgentaler.”

Tip o' the hat to Pharyngula
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Jerry O'Connell has a sense of humour, and clearly agrees with the rest of the world's opinion of Tom Cruise as a total bloody loony.

His video is here, and for background research this is Tom Cruise's seriously creepy original. Apparently when he drives past an accident "he knows he's the only one who can truly help". Does releasing your thetans automatically give you training in field medicine? When I sign up do you give me a free set of the jaws of life? Oh and Tom people are turning to you to laugh. They don't want advice.

I was amused. then I watched the video. Now I'm scared.

As a totally irrelevant aside Jerry O'Connell is married to Mystique. Lucky git. ;)
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US Radio Host calls for forced identification of Muslims 

When Jerry Klein used his talk show to call for US Muslims to be given a crescent tattoo or forced to wear a distinctive armband his phonelines were jammed. The first caller said he must be "off his rocker". Other callers called suggested this didn't go far enough and advocated internment camps and deportation.

The statement was a hoax. At the end of the show Klein said

"For me to suggest to tattoo marks on people's bodies, have them wear armbands, put a crescent moon on their driver's license on their passport or birth certificate is disgusting. It's beyond disgusting... Because basically what you just did was show me how the German people allowed what happened to the Jews to happen..."

I have a nasty feeling something similar would happen if a similar hoax was staged in the UK. Having said that there's something about phone-ins that brings out the nutters. There's usually at least one racist/homophobe/nazi on each episode of "Any Answers".

Muslims in the States blame ignorance of their religion as a major factor in this. Given the level of ignorance some Americans have about other parts of America, let alone the outside world I'm not surprised.

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Sometimes the system doesn't fail entirely. Kent Hovind- who hasn't actually finished his PhD from a USA degree mill has gone and been charged with 58 federal counts including failure to pay a bill of $845,000 dollars. His wife was convicted on 44 counts.

When speaking publically about the case Hovind claimed to be "an employee of God" and thus exempt from taxation. His lawyer claimed no-one told him he should.

Lawyers for the defence presented no evidence, and called no witnesses.

Sentencing is to follow, but Hovind faces 288 years in prison and hs wife 255.

At least he now has a qualification- Convicted Felon Alleged Dr Kent Hovind.
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Weird News, via Pharyngula

      "The Smalkowski case attracted national attention after Nicole Smalkowski was kicked off of the girls' basketball team after refusing to stand in a circle with her teammates on the gymnasium floor of the Hardesty public High School and recite the "Lord's Prayer." After school officials learned that she and her family were Atheists, lies were created about her as grounds to take her off of the team."

       "When her father Chuck discovered conclusively that public school and law enforcement officials had lied to him about his 15 year old daughter, he and Nicole and her mother Nadia went to the home of principal Lloyd Buckley to attempt to discuss the matter with him. Outside of his front fence, the principal struck Chuck, who blocked the blow. Both men fell to the ground and Buckley sustained minor injuries, the provable origins of which were strikingly contrary to his under oath trial testimony. Buckley then took out misdemeanor criminal assault charges against Chuck. After Smalkowski rejected the offer to drop the charges if he and his Atheist family left the state, the charges were raised to a felony."

How's that for Christian tolerance?

      "[The family's lawyer] introduced himself to the jury as National Legal Director for American Atheists and asked the prospective jury in the Oklahoma panhandle if they could accept the testimony of an Atheist over that of a professed Christian. When the jury looked at him blankly, the judge asked the prospects if they understood the question. One woman spoke for many in the group by asking "What is an Atheist?" Edwin explained that an Atheist was a person who did not believe in a god or gods or in a supernatural world, and that the defendant and his entire family were such persons. Many of the prospects said they could not believe such a person over a Christian and were struck for cause."

Great. Folks, this is what happens when you ask your religious fundamentalists to leave and forget about them for 400 years.

      "The night of the verdict, tornados of unusual violence descended on the panhandle of Oklahoma. The home of the Principal who had brought the false charges against Chuck Smalkowski was severely damaged.

   This fact has no relationship whatsoever to the verdict."

Maybe God is an Atheist?


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