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I've been meaning to post this since I saw the first images of the two rugose and blasphemous idols referred to as "mascots", but I have only recently recovered sufficiently from the searing terror of having glimpsed that solitary loathsome eye staring, unblinking at me through the dread portal opened by my foolish reading of certain portions of the Necronomicon...

Seriously, if they're not eldritch horrors then what are they?
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Via the F-word, and [personal profile] miss_s_b I bring you the important things that the Daily Fail thinks are important. And perhaps. in the context of a wider discussion about bodily autonomy, freedom of choice, the way people use language, and suchlike they are. However I don't think the Mail will be much interested in this wider discussion.

Can you vajazzle and be a feminist?

Well I can't, what with not having a va to jazzle. Isn't one of the things about feminism the fact that its your body so you get to decide what happens to it?

Is it sexist to call a woman "love" or "dear"?

In certain parts of the UK, and for a certain generation its the norm. Of course it depends on how you say it. A cheery "what can I get you love"? Is not sexist, is not being said in a derogatory manner, and nor is it intended to be anything than a cheery greeting. An annoyed "I don't care, love, you ain't coming in" probably is being said in a manner to belittle the woman its being said to.

Does Katie Price let women down?

All the fucking time. You phone her up because your car's broken down, and if you've got testicles she's over in a shot. If you haven't she takes ages, never brings the right tools, and complains her sat-nav was playing up. (Look its the best I could come up with. Jennie's already used the valve joke).

Should women take their husband's name when they get married?

Only if its awesome.

Is Rihanna a feminist icon?

I suppose so. Is it feminist to forgive, and remain friends with someone who physically abused you? I have no idea. But its certainly human.

Who should pay the bill on a date?

Whoever can afford to. Splitting the bill equally for the first couple of dates, or taking it in turns might not be a bad idea. If you're arguing about the bill on the first date the chances of their being a second don't sound too likely.

Is stripping an acceptable career choice?

Don't see why not. I won't be going to the show, but if you enjoy it, its not my place to stop you.

What feminist issues do you think are more important than any of the ones asked about above?

All of them?

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Steam Trek - The Moving Picture

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Jun. 25th, 2010 04:46 pm
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DC appear to have given up on making films about their big name characters, and just going for things that look fun. And why not, I can't work out what not to like about Helen Mirren with a big gun.

Lab Romance

Mar. 1st, 2010 10:49 pm
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via Osscillator

Also Universe has an excellent interview with Ursula K. LeGuin, who is understandably not happy about Google Books plan to avoid worrying about copyright. But she talks about other subjects too. And I feel shamed that I have not read anything by her. This shall have to change rather soon.

Everybody before Google who wanted to copy an o.p. or orphaned work had to find who held the copyright and ask permission. And everybody did so.  And Google can do so.

It won't bankrupt them.  They just saved quite a lot of money getting out of China, I believe.

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Recently I broke the circuit board on the keyboard trying to thread the flex through a bootlace, and as Maplin don't make it any more I had to buy a new one. (I'll probably go looking for a replacement on the Bay of E sometime soon, because for some reason this new one just isn't as nice to type on...) As I already had the keys all made up it was a fairly quick job to cut down the key-caps, cover the board in sticky-backed plastic, and a bit of leatherette, and this time rather than cutting the cable and risk damaging the keyboard I've done the sensible thing and wrapped string round the outside.

Last week I pottered around Oxford Street poking about MacCulloch & Wallis, and John Lewis' haberdashery departments. I picked up a cheap black shirt from the nice people at BHS and have comprehensively voided the warranty by sticking bits all over it. Its not quite complete yet, I think I'll get some of the organza style stuff and add another layer or two of ruffley bits to the cuffs, and maybe hide the seams behind more silk ribbon.

At the same time I picked up this nice dark brown strip of fake fur that's 15cm x 150cm, and have absolutely no idea what to do with it.

I'm thinking of sewing the edges together and just making a scarf, but that just seems rather boring. I've got about a square metre of black velvet, and quite a bit of the brown leatherette from the keyboard left over. Arm warmers maybe? Though I'd not wear them would anyone else want a pair? Or do you have better ideas? Preferably that don't involve drawing patterns or anything sensible like that...
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Two more cuffs. This time there's very little leatherette, but much more velvet. More Victorian sweatband than fetishwear.
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I think I'll probably add some buttons to the one with the leather on it, it looks a little plain. I'll leave the other on as is though. When I get some more press studs and lace I'm very tempted to make matching ones for the other hand.
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I picked up some leatherette from Boroviks, some cream lacy stuff from John Lewis, and some nice brassy coloured press studs and metal lacing clasps from MacCulloch and Wallis (I do love that shop so very much...) A little glue, string, some basic stitching and I'm quite pleased with this as a first attempt. The string will be replaced with proper laces in fairly short order, but it'll do to make sure the thing works.
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And finally an action shot!  

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Duncan is an excellent writer, and this post explains exactly why I like the "Rage Against The Machine for Xmas No. One" campaign. Especially given Simon Cowell's recent "waaah its not fair on the act who won". Frankly that alone is enough for me to support the aims. Just because you won a contest to find this year's blandest most radio-friendly singer does not mean you automatically get to have a number one. Isn't winning the contest and getting a record contract enough?
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As the organisers say "its just a bit of fun", and it would be nice to see a song that I actually like up in the charts again.
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And we wouldn't want it any other way...

(Through the Fire and Flames, by Dragonforce, played by Mario Paint.)

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1. [livejournal.com profile] innerbrat is awesome. Now those of you who are on her flist as well know this. But she's finished knitting me what is probably the best scarf in the universe. Its nearly 10 feet long. And show how the continents moved about over the past 500 million years. You couldn't have a more awesome scarf if you tried.

2. I am going to hell. Today I passed a church with the sign "Jesus loves you passionately. He died for you". The first thing I thought of? "Well he came back, so it can only have been un petit mort".
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Today in Camden we found a reason to boycott Burger King above and beyond the usual reasons one has for avoiding such places.

Exhibit A. Clear anti-steampunk policies.
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http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb112/dgodfrey9189/PICT0056.jpg if you can't see it.

I bet the people at The Chap won't be too pleased either.
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...be sure to bring your humongous mecha. Because the squid are invading.

Did we mention the sky-fortress?

Or the space cannon that makes Torchwood look like a peashooter?

H/T to Pharyngula and Pink Tentacle
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Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

[livejournal.com profile] miss_s_b gave me these:

Science Geekery.

"Science is the most interesting thing in the world, and if you don't agree you can fuck off" is a quote attributed to a former editor of New Scientist. I think he's right. Science tells us where we came from, can point where we may be going- and what we should do to change this. The natural world is one of the most fascinating things out there, and knowing more about it just makes it more interesting.

Lovely hair.

I haven't had a haircut in six years or so. A good description of it would be "pre-raphaelite"- long and curly- and liable to turn into a big frizzy mop by the end of the night. I have an older aunt who seems to like it- she used to be a hairdresser, which probably explains it.. I have no plans to remove it any time soon, though I probably ought to get a slight trim to get it growing again. It would be nice to get it a bit longer. Held straight there's nearly two feet of it, but allowed to fall naturally its only about 15 inches long.


I cannot remember ever really having any faith. My parents certainly never brought be up to believe in any faith. I think I had vague feelings of their being a god but it was never strongly associated with Christianity, and very quickly went away when I actually thought about it- I certainly wasn't taking it seriously by the time I was nine and discovered that every major civilisation had completely different religions. For some reason (I'm not sure why) I used to go along with the "amen" bit at the end of assembly prayers. Probably because I was afraid of being singled out for not bowing my head at the right places. As soon as I hit the sixth form (where we sat behind the headteacher so couldn't be seen), I totally ignored the prayer, and sat bolt upright, eyes wide open, staring straight ahead.
Steampunk Computer.

I love the idea of applying 19th century aesthetics to modern technology. I love the whimsical nature, and the home-made DIY ethos that pervades the genre. I was introduced to it by [livejournal.com profile] steely_glint through various books- paricularly China Mieville, and then discovered that there were people making things and dressing up and stuff, and I saw some of the keyboards and thought I could have a go at that.

Cheeky grin.

I don't particularly like my smile. It shows my teeth in an odd way, makes me look like I could hammer rocks with my chin, and generally makes me look even less attractive than usual. Then again I don't think I've got a face for smiling. However if other people like it then I'm no going to judge them too harshly.
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Pay attention [livejournal.com profile] steely_glint and [livejournal.com profile] sumerianhaze

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In the age-old battle between Pirates and Ninjas. I think the pirates might have an advantage...
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Make your own 20 line poem. Set your iPod (or whatever music player you happen to be using- ie my computer) Take the first 21 songs. The first line of each is a line of the poem, and first line gives the 21st provides the title.

I should point out that when my 'pute picked out Dr Who audios, or similar I ignored it. Otherwise it would be really stupid.

At Hilly's Show

Your pretty face seduced me,
Blood and tears,
I got a mellowship,
Can't make out things he said,

Have you woke up screaming in the silence of the night?
In July 1863, a nation torn in tragedy,
Before you lose your temper count up to 100,
This is out of our reach,

Sickened by the feeling within,
...since I was a child, I saw my own way,
All of the force of nature, chaos and the death of hope,
Inside black decision, concealing what no-one knows but I,

Shakedown 1979, cool kids never have the time,
This is feeding what I am.
Sweet dreams are made of this,

Hey! They walk all over you,
Όταν θα πάω κυρά μου στο παζάρι
Fool moon standing in the streets.

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See. Told you. Go on guess the titles.

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17. Favourite xmas song?
I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas With A Dalek - The GoGo's
Red Water - Type O Negative
The Carol of the Old Ones - The Arkham Carolers. Or indeed anything from the HPLHS's "A Very Scary Solstice".

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Jun. 18th, 2008 01:04 pm
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Enough ranting, lets have a nice video to calm down.

via tetrapod zoology
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Photoshop or gene splicing? You decide...


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