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I keep fish. Until today I had three weather loaches, Sixteen White Cloud Mountain Minnows, and a male and two female American-Flag Fish. So called because the males look like the American Flag. They're mostly vegetarian, and the males especially, are renowned for being belligerent arseholes. Compatible tankmates should be "robust enough to survive or fast enough to escape" They get to two-and-a-half inches long (the females are a little smaller). And they look like this:

I say, until today, because today I found "Mr Grumpy" tangled up in some thread I'd used to attach moss to a piece of wood. The thread had been wrapped around the wood, and a piece of rootlet, and he'd got in between it, probably to munch on a bit of algae (Like most fish they're perpetually hungry, but apparently are a little calmer if they've got something to snack on throughout the day. The stereotypes just keep building up don't they? Its most unfair) he'd got trapped, and suffocated.


Mr Grumpy. c2010- 7th November 2011. Leaves behind two female companions, but no children.
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Despite the fact that certain of my mates aren't enjoying the ballroom these days I've tried to stick it out, mainly in the hope that if I'm in a good mood I'll have a really nice time there. Trouble is being in a good mood seems to be dependant on the people I'm with. And on the the security not being a bunch of wankers.

Anyway on Friday night I went to the ballroom with Chloe (and no-one else), and had a thoroughly miserable time entirely due to my own emo, despite her best efforts to cheer me up. As well as the "job being crap" thing - which usually doesn't upset me that much, we get there and I'm searched as per usual. The bouncer doesn't like the chains I've got on my trousers. Both of them are too heavy (OK  so one of them is quite big, and I don't usually wear it, but the other has been sitting on there for I can't remember how long and wasn't a problem 2 weeks ago.) These have to be taken off. The guy doesn't make me take my belt off, but he clearly doesn't want me to wear it again, as it hurts the poor dear's hands when he's searching me.

WTF?!!??! This is a rock club. What criteria you might use on the other nights don't apply tonight. And when I get in there there's a huuge bunch of chavs running round. They seem to have come in with a stag do. Ugh. And too many people on pills too. (Pills are something I'd expect at Inferno, but Sin City? Who on earth takes pills to skate punk?)

So this puts me in a bad mood, and then the emo-job-related-stuff kicks off. Despite her best efforts I'm not cheered up, and then my blood-sugar levels crash horribly (and don't recover till 2:30 the next day) so I go home.

Today was Mother's Day, so I call my parents. I really shouldn't, they keep talking me out of quitting my current job. Still the NHM want someone to plant and staff their temporary butterfly house. As they're effectively asking for school-leavers again, I'll probably lose out to a PhD student. Again.

So how was your weekend?

Oh and next week. I'm voting for the Dev. No question. (Especially as Inferno isn't really my cup of tea.)

ETA: Didn't get near the PhD- they're having informal chats to narrow down their interview list.


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