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Name:The Evil Atheist Your Mother Warned You About
Location:London, (states/regions/territories), United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I'm a palaeobiology and Museum Studies graduate and have just left retail, and am trying to get into museum work. Currently I work front-of-house at the Natural History Museum, I also volunteer there, working with the dinosaurs, fishes and in learning interacting with the visitors. Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds.

In my spare time (spare time? What spare time! -ed) I prat about with a camera mostly macro and architectural stuff, and when I can find the time draw and paint. I'm a total metalhead, but a talentless musician. I have no time for pseudoscience or bad science reporting. I have a tendency to either refuse to take things seriously or be totally paranoid. Usually I get these the wrong way round.

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agnathans, antiquarian books, archosaurs, astronomy, atheism, bands, beer, birds, blackadder, books, cambrian explosion, cephalaspids, cephalopods, charcoal, charles darwin, china mieville, civilization, cladistics, classic cars, cooking, cthulhu, cycads, darwinism, david attenborough, demon ducks,, dinosaurs, doctor fun, doctor who, douglas adams, dragons, drawing, drinking, drinking with palaeontologists, early tetrapods, eclipses, eddie izzard, evolution, evolution vs creation, evolutionary biology, evolutionary theory, ferns, fiddling with computers, films, flanders and swann, fossils, gardening, geology field trips, gigs, goon show, gouache, graphite, h p lovecraft, h. p. lovecraft, hagfish, hancock's half hour, heavy metal, history of science, houseplants, iain m banks, internet, jared diamond, just a minute, kevin smith, live music, macro photography, macrophotography, mammals, metal, microphotography, mitch benn, monty python, moping in the corner, museums, natural history museum, neil gaiman, oblate spheroid enthusiasts, octopods, old scientific books, ostracoderms, painting, palaeontology, photography, photoshop, platypus, popular science, power metal, prog, pteraspids, pubs, radio comedy, reading, real ale, red dwarf, richard dawkins, robert rankin, rock clubs, rock music, sauropods, scandinavian melodic death metal, sci-fi, science, science fiction, sculpture, skewed historical fiction, sociobiology, spaced, steam trains, steampunk, stephen jay gould, stupid creationists, svpca, synapsids, taxonomy, terry pratchett, the abyssal plain, the far side, thrash metal, tinkering with computers, tom lehrer, tour de france, ucl, university college london, unusual tetrapods, vampire squid, videos, x2 the threat, x3 reunion
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