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So you've got a steampunk computer, and decor, but the mouse doesn't run very well on your antique desk, and you don't want to scratch it.

The Mouse Rug looks like an ideal replacement for the nasty foam ones most people normally use.

They come in a wide variety of patterns- I particularly like this Persian design from a rug in the National Museum of Art in Washington.

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I think this is issue 3. I might well be wrong. (Previously on steampunk)

Planning is also in progress for the keyboard too.

As an aside, does anyone know how many LEDs can be attached to a single HDD LED header? Either in series or parallel? I like the idea of having twin HDD LEDs either side of the reset/power buttons, rather than everything in a row.
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OK, so I've done a card reader (and wiping it over with black India Ink seems to make it look a bit better in photographs (it certainly gives it a nice darker finish to the eye).

So here we go with stage one of the big one. The computer case!

Still to come, new feet, real brass edging on the top, brass screws for the side panel, frosted glass on the window, and a Fleur-De-Lys stencil. Maybe even proper brass on the sides, if I can get it cheaply in the lengths I need. There might even be copper tubing.

And the keyboard project. (It'll probably look rather like this one from [profile] mbarrick, but I might base it on one of Swedx's wooden keyboards.)

Oh yes, and one more thing. Via the medium of a screwdriver and a needle, my Bronica SQAi is now a pinhole camera.
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A rather unattractive grey XD/SmartMedia card reader is converted into something rather more fitting for the steampunk office. This is my first attempt at this sort of modding, so I went for something simple and not too ambitious. (Next time I'll have a go at a graphics tablet.)

For a first attempt that took under 2 hours, including drying, I don't think its too shabby though. Maybe next time I'll dismantle one and rebuild it out of real wood and brass


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